Ease Mealtime Madness
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When you're at ease, your family is at ease!

Suggestions and ideas on ways to make family meal-time enjoyable, relaxing and more meaningful. Instead of having the constant worry about what's for dinner, you and your family will learn through the four "P"s to feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed during dinner hour. This guidebood takes the craziness out of mealtime and provides ways for you to make meal-time, family time.

In addition to sound advice and recipes, reflective quotations are sprinkled throughout the book. Sample quotation: "the reflections on a day well spent furnish us with joys more pleasing than ten thousand triumphs." -Thomas A. Kempis, Midieval Catholic monk and religious author (1380-1471)

4¼" x 6". 80 pages. Coil Bound. Made in the USA. 



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Ease Mealtime Madness

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