Ferry-Morse Annual Cut Flower Mixture
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A colorful blend of American's favorite old-fashioned flowering annuals. Some bloom early, some late. There are tall spike flowers, others with round blossoms, and airy sprays of filler flowers.

Broadcast seeds over beds which have been raked to roughen. Cover lightly with sand or crumbly soil. Firm by light tamping. Keep beds moist for a week or so to sprout seeds.

CONTENTS : Strawflower, Aster-Crego Mixed, Calendula-Single Mixed, Plains Coreopsis, Bachelor Button Mixed, Clarkia, Cosmos-Sensation Mixed, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Larkspur-Giant Inperial Mixed, Gypsophila-Elegans White, Corn Poppy, Black-Eyed Susan, Marigold-Crackerjack Mixed, Zinnia-Cactus mixed, Godetia

Ferry-Morse Seeds have been sold continuously since 1856 and are guaranteed to grow.

Made in the USA.

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Ferry-Morse Annual Cut Flower Mixture

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