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The moist firm flesh of "Amish Pie" is great for making pies. This variety was an heirloom for an Amish gardener in the Maryland Mountains. Weighing up to 90 pounds, this pumpkin has established its reputation with home gardeners.

Sow 6 seeds over a hill 9 to 12 inches tall and 1 foot across. Choose an area with full sun after all chance of frost is past. Thin to 3 plants per hill when 1 inch tall. When vines are 3 inches high, thin to the strongest plant in each hill. Use heavy organic mulch to control weeds.

Ferry-Morse Seeds have been sold continuously since 1856 and are guaranteed to grow.

Made in the USA.

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Ferry-Morse Heirloom Pumpkin, Amish Pie

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