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Summer Annual. Semi-double, slightly ruffled, fragrant blossoms are held up above foliage, not hidden. Long stems. Delightful range of delicate colors...yellow, orange and scarlet with a sprinkling of mahogany, ruby and cherry rose.

After all danger of frost, sow in open ground well exposed. Cover with 1/2 inch soil, not too fertile. When plants are 3 inches tall, thin. Does not transplant well. Water sparingly.

Short and compact vines make this a neat edging and planter-box flower. Flowers and leaves are a tasty, peppery addition to salads and vegetables. Also, available in a 4" x 6" economy packet.

Ferry-Morse Seeds have been sold continuously since 1856 and are guaranteed to grow.

Made in the USA.

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Ferry-Morse Nasturtium-Jewel, Mixed Colors

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