Monthly Meal Planning and Budgeting Organizer
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Start to see an abundance of savings in dollars, time and energy with this handy organizer. It can be started at any given month. There is plenty of room to record 12 months of weekly menus, recipes, tidbits, and budgets. Arranged in 12 sections (one for each month), each section includes:

(4) weekly menu planners & notes, (4) weekly grocery lists & notes; perforated so you can remove and bring to the grocery store, (1) perforated monthly "wholesale/club" grocery needs list, (1) monthly freezer log (so you know exactly what's in the freezer and how long it's been in there), (1) monthly recipe notes; perfect for keeping track of what you served when entertaining or over the holidays, (1) monthly budget summary.

5" x 8". 272 pages. Wire bound. Made in the USA.



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Monthly Meal Planning and Budgeting Organizer

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