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Made in America using high quality materials that are easily recognized for their durability. IMAGINE slimming down your wallet without having to sacrifice a single card. Holds up to 30 cards, cash, business cards, pictures and more while still remaining incredibly thin! Uses a specially patented side by side pocket design to keep each wallet as thin as possible even when fully loaded. The extremely efficient design simply removes all of the unnecessary material build up found in so many average wallets. Comes in leather or nylon. Rip-Stop Nylon is a strong yet extremely thin and light weight nylon material. The cross pattern stitch found in Rip-Stop Nylon gives it added strength. Rip-Stop Nylon is water and sweat resistant, as well as easy clean. The amazing material is paper thin, yet tough as nails. Made in the USA.

  • Item #: 4-ALL-20100

Original World's Thinnest Wallet

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