Hang it Perfect 24"
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Hang it Perfect® is the revolutionary new product that allows you to align, level, and hang wall decor with ease, in just 60 seconds. Items such as picture frames, mirrors, towel bars, shelves, even flat screen TV brackets, and more. Hang it Perfect® has taken the daunting project of decorating and turned it into a fast, fun, and simple task. Hang it Perfect® is the only product on the market that will adapt to any hanging hardware and can easily hang multiple items in a horizontal line or grouped pattern.

With instructions printed directly on the crossbar and weighing just over one pound, Hang it Perfect® is lightweight, easy to use, and collapses for easy storage. Allowing you to have the walls you’ve only dreamed of, while saving time and money. Hang it Perfect® is the must have product for every home. Hang it Perfect® is the cure-all for your decorating needs. And you can save room on your workbench, because Hang it Perfect® doubles as a level for other around the house projects. Hang it Perfect® is proudly 100% Made in the USA.

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Hang it Perfect 24"

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