Are You Turning Into Your Dad?
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Are You Turning into Your Dad? by Joseph Piercy

Are you...

Unable to identify a single song on "popular" radio stations?
Collecting pointless kitchen accessories like pasta machines and fondue sets?
Pretty sure your kids are just humoring you?

In other words, are you turning into your dad?

Dads represent everything uncool, and when you were young and oh-so-hip you vowed never to become like yours. But as you grow older, have you noticed that warm slippers and coupons have become more and more appealing?

Are You Turning into Your Dad? will help you determine whether or not you are actually turning into your dad (answer: probably) — and whether the trappings of middle age are the ultimate in lame or rites of comfort that may be worth embracing.

192 pages.

Printed in the USA.

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Are You Turning Into Your Dad?

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