Drain Millipede

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The Drain Millipede, with it's thousands of micro-hooks is a rugged hair-clog tool. It features a simple, "easy-spin" sleeve (some models) for a more user-friendly feel, and expands the patented hair-snagging "micro-hooks" up the entire 18" shaft of this coilable tool. The spinning action will snag drain hair wherever it is encountered, from the top of the Millipede to the bottom. Made in USA!

  • Stiffer than Drain Weasel or FlexiSnake Jr
  • Thicker shaft than Drain Weasel or FlexiSnake Jr
  • Coils into pocket size for storage
  • Micro-hooks cover the entire shaft
  • Length - 18"
  • Shaft diameter - 3/16"
  • Micro-hooks extend up the entire length of the snake.
  • With or without mini spinning sleeve to accommodate the important hair-snagging rotation motion for "winding" drain hair into the patented micro-hooks.
  • Durable steel core makes it stiffer for pushing into drain

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