Easy Greasy Strainer / Colander

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Easy Greasy™ is a kitchen tool to make draining grease from food easy and safe. Hot grease removal can damage pipes and melt trash can lines. Trying to drain into cups or bowls can lead to spills and burns. But Easy Greasy™ solves cooks’ hot grease problems. This patent pending design consists of a strainer which sits securely in a heat resistant container. The user pours cooked food in the strainer and allows the grease to drain. They simply remove the strainer and move food to its next destination (dish, pot, etc.). Once the grease is cool, it can be scooped out and thrown away or the lid can be attached to the container for storage. Easy Greasy™ also makes food healthier by making grease easy to remove. Easy Greasy™ can be used for ground meat (like for tacos, meat sauce, or casseroles) plus bacon, sausage or anything else that needs to be drained! You can line the strainer with cheesecloth for jams and jellies. Also perfect for straining pasta, vegetables and more! Easy Greasy™ is great for outdoor cooking too, like camping or tailgating.


  • Hands free design allows user to have both hands on cooking pot or pan
  • Strainer width prevents spilling
  • Flat strainer bottom allows food to spread out and drain faster
  • Unique drain design prevents ground meat and other small particles from blocking drainage
  • Pouring handle designed to make transfer of drained food easier
  • Strainer holds up to 3 lbs of ground meat
  • Made in the USA
  • Item is NOT microwave safe

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