Frozen Elsa Giant Wall Decals
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"Let It Go" with Elsa in this large Frozen Elsa giant wall decal with glitter! Follow your favorite Snow Queen Elsa as she makes the trek from Arendelle to her new home on North Mountain, and creates an Ice Palace for herself on top of the mountain! The Elsa giant wall decal has a peel and stick backing meaning you can rearrange Elsa on your walls as often as you'd like. Create a lifelike Frozen scene on your wall and pair the Elsa wall decal with her sister Anna. 

The 44-Piece Frozen Elsa wall decal set features:

    * A large (41.5"), five-piece Elsa wall decal with her Snow Queen outfit and long train behind her dress.

    * Over 30 snowflakes of all sizes and multiple shades of blue.

Made in the USA.

  • Item #: 5-RM-RMK2371GM

Frozen Elsa Giant Wall Decals

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