Ida Kromer Chocolate Brown Cap
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For women who love the outdoors, this cap is designed for them. Confident, capable and comfortable in any weather. Made with 100% merino wool plus a soft 100% cotton lining for extra cushion. In a word: beautiful. Dry clean only. Made in USA.

To get your size, measure around the largest part of your head, above the eyebrows, with a tape measure. Take that number of inches and divide by 3.14 (pi). That number is your hat size. If you are between sizes, always round up to the next 1/8th inch. In addition to providing ear protection, the earband on the Stormy Kromer cap can be used to make slight adjustments in size as well. Just untie the string, adjust and retie.

How do I use the earflaps?

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Ida Kromer Chocolate Brown Cap

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