Jack Russell: Dog Detective Series-The Sausage Situation
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Foxie is on a diet, and Jack has things on his mind. When Auntie Tidge takes delivery of boxes of sausages, Foxie is delighted, until Caterina Smith takes them all away. Foxie is determined that Jack must solve the case of the stolen sausages, but Jack, for once, isn't sure there even is a case. He and Foxie join Lord Red, Auntie Tidge, Sarge, Caterina Smith, Polly and just about everyone else at the Doggeroo Dog and Sausage Day. There are sausages galore, and plenty of schemes and drooling dogs, but is there really a thief?Book 6.

Jack Russell Dog Detective is a fun series of eleven juvenile adventure books written by Darrel and Sally Odgers for young readers ages 7 to 11. Paperback. 96 pages. Made in the USA.

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Jack Russell: Dog Detective Series-The Sausage Situation

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