Attorney General William Barr,
Shame on you! How dare you insinuate that we, the American people, are at home hiding under our beds! Shame on you! We are staying at home to keep our families, neighborhoods, communities and all the people who are taking care of us, feeding us and keeping our communications open, safe. We stay home to keep the virus from spreading, We stay home because we know it is the right thing to do.

You make us sound like we are afraid, we are not afraid, we are intelligent, brave and compassionate. You sir, have none of these qualities. Be quiet and stay home before you make someone sick.

"Stay home, save lives"



Jean Capellos

Date 6/9/2020

Brava! Brava!????????????????????????????

Diane Solberg

Date 10/20/2020

I think William Barr might be thinking of people such as is in my family when he spoke. My sister and brother-in-law in Minnesota have been sheltering in their home for several months and so has my aunt in New Jersey. They say they won’t be going anywhere until there is a vaccine. That has meant cancelling winter in Florida and missing their mother and sisters’ 100th birthday party, and much of what makes up the joys of daily life. Their family drops groceries at their door and a few meals have been shared with family outside, being seated at distant tables. Thanksgiving with their children and grandchildren has been cancelled this year. My feeling is that life should have been kept to as normal as possible. Businesses and society should have been able to remain open and individuals can take opportunity to protect themselves to the degree that they feel they need to. That way, life can be going on for those who are not at risk. My husband and I are in the high risk group, but have been shopping, traveling out of state, visiting the dentist, doctors, and hairdresser without feelings of fear and while we acknowledge there is risk, we have done so because there has been a need to. We are careful for other’s sake, including for our elderly mother and our handicapped son, both for whom we are the caregivers, but living in fear brings it’s own dangers and fear never saved anyone from death. I would concur with William Barr that the fear has taken over and has replaced reason.

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