Mango Berry Jalapeno Compote
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Our Compotes are a special fusion of fruits with just the right amount of "zip" from jalapeno peppers, which is a perfect match for the sweet berries. Watch out, you may become addicted to this sweet treat! The Compote makes a delicious yet simple appetizer when served over cream cheese or Brie, use it as a marinade or glaze over your choice of meat, or better yet, add your favorite vinegar and oil or Italian salad dressing to make a fabulous vinaigrette, which is delicious with a spinach salad! Use it as a chutney with chicken, pork, and turkey. It also tastes incredible when mixed with cream cheese and used as a filling for stuffed chicken breasts or turkey roll-ups. Ingredients: mangos, blueberries, strawberries, pure cane sugar, jalapeno peppers, fruit pectin, lemon juice. Made in the USA.

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Mango Berry Jalapeno Compote

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