Mookie and the Rescued Cat
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Book Number Two in the Mookie "The Adventure Cat" series. This time Mookie finds himself in charge of welcoming a shy rescued cat from a local shelter into the family home. Mookie coaxes "Holly" into meeting the other furry members of his family: Miss Rose, Cynthia, Ned, and of course, Henley the sheepdog. Mookie and Holly soon learn that they share the same sense of adventure, a genuine fondness for crisp bacon and muffin crumbs, as well as a very un-catlike love of water. Mookie and Holly also learn the most important lesson in all of friendship. That the best way to have a friend... is to be one. 44 pages. Recommended for ages 4-8. Autographed by the illustrator, Sue V. Daly. Made in the USA.

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Mookie and the Rescued Cat

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