Organic Radish Sprouts- China Rose
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Raphanus sativus

These beautiful, rose colored sprouts are a “must” for those who like that radish zing! Radish sprouts are a very common ingredient in Chinese and Japanese cuisine, where they are eaten raw, simmered in soup, and used in sushi. They are rich in many vitamins and minerals. And if you’re new to sprouting seeds, you will be very pleased at how easy it is to grow them.

Sprouting is as easy as 1—2—3! Simply soak your seeds in water overnight (about 8 to 12 hours), place them in your sprouting container, then rinse at least twice daily until sprouts have reached the length you desire. See inside of packet for more information about growing sprouts.

Made in the USA. 

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Organic Radish Sprouts- China Rose

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