Over the Knee Socks
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Over the knee socks are sassy and sexy! But they are also wonderfully comfortable. Our wide ribbed top ensures that your socks will not slip down your leg. Our features striped over the knee socks in unique and original patterns, plus vibrant and bold solid color socks. All our socks are made in the USA with our eco-friendly regenerated cotton blend. Made in the USA.

Socks are knit using an innovative recycled fiber. Regenerated cotton is spun by a family-owned “throwing” company using scraps of new cotton cloth left over from clothing manufacture waste. This process is called cotton “regeneration,” because it creates new yarn from pre-consumer fabric that is otherwise bound for the incinerator. When you buy these socks, you’re helping diminish the amount of waste going into landfills as well as saving all the water, chemicals, incinerator emissions, electricity, sewage and transportation energy it would take to make the same things from virgin cotton.

Sock Size 9-11

Fits Women's Shoe Size 6-10


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Over the Knee Socks

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