Red Winter Kale Microgreens
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Harvested at any size, kale packs a powerful nutritional punch. Growing kale microgreens is a satisfying experience with the bonus of a delicious meal as a reward. There are dozens of ways to use microgreens. Start your day by topping a breakfast omelet with them, then add them to your salad at lunch, and toss a handful in with your steamed vegetables at dinner. Microgreens make any meal fun!

Kale microgreens can be grown indoors at any time of year and are a great way to get your “green fix” in the dead of winter. Sow in large, shallow containers under grow lights or by a sunny window (see inside of packet for detailed sowing instructions). Containers can be moved as needed for best light exposure and temperature. Kale may also be grown outdoors when temperatures are mild. Harvest when 2”-3” tall and enjoy.

This packet yields approximately 10 to 15 cups of microgreens.

Emerge within 4-7 days. Space ¼-1/2”apart, at a depth of 1/8”. Seeds reach maturity within 7-14 days.

When to Sow: INSIDE: Sow indoors at any time of year. For a continual crop, sow every two weeks.

Harvesting: When seedlings emerge, the first pair of leaves to show are the cotyledons, which look very different from the leaves that follow, called “true” leaves. Microgreens are ready to harvest when they have a couple sets of leaves, and are 2" to 3" inches tall. Snip seedlings off at soil line with scissors. Rinse and use immediately or store in the refrigerator.

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Red Winter Kale Microgreens

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