Spooky 5" x 7" Changing Portrait-Aunt Bertha

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Aunt Bertha "had an appetite," (At least that's what the neighbors said), It got much worse one moonlit night, when she became the living dead. So if you see her, hide or flee, And don't be slow upon your feet, With one glance it is plain to see, This zombie really likes to eat!

Think you are looking at an antique photo of a long-gone family member? Change your viewing angle and look again! The portrait mysteriously changes into a creepy, horror image! Designed by photo artist Eddie Allen, these portraits are perfect for a Halloween display or to leave up year-round to surprise unsuspecting guests! If framed (not included), the portrait displays best without the glass. Package includes one 5" x 7" sepia-toned changing portrait. Made in the USA.


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