I tell my Grandchildren, "The Magic is out there... You just have to look for it."

My husband and I live on a wonderful property that we named Whimsy Hill twelve years ago. Everyday we are moved by its beauty, its wildlife and yes, its Magic. Sadly for us, three days ago, our sweet Shetland Pony, Sunne, became very, very ill and within a few short hours, we had to make the painful decision to put him down. We were heart broken and devastated. This little guy came to us as a rescue and if you can imagine Tina Turner and Alf in a blender, that would be our Sunne. Copper penny coat and a mane that would put any lion to shame. When he would run with our mare, it was as if they were dancing, just like it was described in the classic book, "Black Beauty" Sunne was our plucky little pony and they would spin and turn in perfect harmony. The barn has been very quiet since his passing. All the animals, big and small, seem to bow their heads in sadness and remembering.

Walking to the barn last night, I found a feather in the grass, a lovely white and light brown tipped feather. I thought to myself, perhaps the barn swallows could use this feather for their nest. As my husband and I approached the quiet barn, our hearts burned and tears filled our eyes and I wondered where would I put the feather so the swallows could find it. Strands of Sunne's tail were already hanging from the swallows nests above the stalls, he had so many to spare! I walked into the paddock and decided just to toss the feather in the sky, it took off, floating up and up just like the feather in the film "Forrest Gump". Within an instant, four swallows appeared and one nearly caught the feather but lost it and just before it hit the ground, a second swallow picked it up and for a few glorious seconds, the swallows raced around our heads chasing the leader, who proudly held the feather in his beak! He flew into the barn with the others close behind, out of our sight. What happiness my husband and I felt watching this magic happen right before our eyes. It was so deliberate and so joyful, that we had to smile and laugh and once again know that we lived on a magical hill.

This morning, in the swallow nest above my mare's stall, sits the feather, straight and tall, like a sail. Tears filled my eyes again when I saw it because I knew how lucky I was to have all this surround me and that if I just look for it, the Magic will be out there.

Thank you Sunne for all the joy you gave us.


Patti S

Date 7/20/2020

Ann Helton

Date 9/23/2020

Lani Chan

Date 9/24/2020

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