The Man Test
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It's Time to Man Up!

Forget all those obsolete sports stats and useless action movie facts. Test your knowledge in the real categories that make a man, from finance and negotiation to etiquette and domestic skills.

The Test of Urban & Outdoor Survival

1. A bear is about to attack you. You should...

(a) Run away as fast as you can
(b) Slowly back away, speak softly, and avoid eye contact
(c) Stand tall, act aggressive, and shout

2. (True/False) Your chances of surviving a plane crash improve 40% by sitting towards the front.

3. In a hurricane, what are you most likely to die from?

(a) High winds and flying debris
(b) Government rescue efforts
(c) Inland flooding
(d) Starvation

4. Your car veers off a bridge. What should you do?

Paperback. Printed in the USA.

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The Man Test

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