Wedgie Garden Tool
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Create fuller, more lush plantings with less mess, less wrist strain and less time! Wedgie even works where a trowel doesn't, by making it possible to fill every space. Wedgie also eliminates digging out dirt because it just creates a hole! Simply push Wedgie into the loose soil, rock it back and forth and side to side, pull Wedgie out and place your plant in the hole. Made of durable, high-impact plastic, Wedgie's bright yellow color keeps it from getting lost. A little kitchen cleanser cleans up Wedgie when planting is finished. It is 7" long and has an ergonomically-designed handle. Fingers do not have to close tightly around the easy-to-hold knob handle and the wrist stays in the level/neutral position when planting. This arthritis-friendly tool is being praised by arthritis sufferers and time-pressed gardeners everywhere. Made in the USA

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Wedgie Garden Tool

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