X-Men Comic Cover Giant Wall Decal
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What better way for Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum to celebrate 100th issue of X-Men™ than by pitting the new team against the old one? This iconic cover was re-used and re-interpreted for the covers of Uncanny X-Men #134, Defenders #100, New Warriors Vol. 4 #14, Thunderbolts #172, Secret Invasion: Front Line #5, and Avengers Academy #38. This oversized collector wall graphic is printed on high-performance decal material that can be used and reused over and over again without leaving any sticky residue behind. But you’ll want it simply because it’s just plain awesome to look at! And if you’re into these kind of iconic comic book covers, check out the rest of the comic cover series—we’re pretty sure you’ll want to collect them all! Measures 24 x 34.25". Made in the USA.

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X-Men Comic Cover Giant Wall Decal

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