Necco Wafers Roll-Assorted Flavors
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Of all the sweets that claim to be nostalgia candy favorites, not many can compete with the rich history and wild popularity of NECCO Wafers. Since 1847, people in the United States and around the world have loved NECCO Wafers – and very little has changed about them in over a century and a half, other than the price. Today, the recipe for NECCO wafers is virtually intact from the one originally used in 1847.  Made in U.S.A.

The ingredients consist simply of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, colorings and flavorings. This means that all NECCO Wafers are fat-free, gluten-free and nut-free. Each assorted wafer roll contains a combination of the eight flavors and colors: lemon (yellow), orange (orange), lime (green), clove (purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black) and chocolate (brown). Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, natural and artificial flavors, vegetable gums (gum tragacanth, arabic and xanthan), chocolate liquor, citric acid, FDsndC colors (yellows 5 and 6, blue 1, red 3, red 40).

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Necco Wafers Roll-Assorted

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